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New Day, New Role, New Challenges

Starting off with the TL;DR:

Starting Monday, I have a new role within EMC. I’m moving to the cloud team within Global Solutions Marketing working for @bgracely and @theSANzone. I’ll be focusing mainly on OpenStack and Cloud Foundry.

I’ll skip the well-worn proverbs about growth and change and just share a few things.

Looking Back

As I look back on my career so far I’ve had jobs I’ve loved, jobs that I didn’t like, and everything in between. I can say though that I learned something along the way at each stop and I don’t think I could be here without traveling the same road. Roles as a customer, consultant, integrator, service provider, and vendor systems engineer has each given me a slightly different view on the IT world.

I joined EMC almost four years ago, not knowing what to expect. It turned out to be one of the single best decisions in my career. Getting to work as a vSpecialist among such amazing talent both on the team and in the larger company and community is an experience I won’t ever forget. I think that's the biggest thing that EMC introduced me to- the broader, global IT community and the amazing things that happen when we can work together.

Looking Forward

I wasn’t specifically looking for a change, but when I learned about this opportunity something just clicked and it made perfect sense that this was to be the next phase of my career. I’m excited about the new role and for the ability to help EMC grow and change in this new and exciting space.  I plan on sharing more here, more often, and more technical posts.